H.M. Konungens tal i samband med Dragon Gold Cup och GKSS 150-årsjubileum


(Det talade ordet gäller)

Dear friends of sailing,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure the Queen and I are back in Marstrand. This time we visit the Swedish west coast and this beautiful island because of two reasons; The Gothenburg Royal Yacht Club - GKSS - is celebrating its 150 year anniversary and The Dragon Gold Cup. It is impressive to see that so many sailors, from different nations, have come here to participate in the regatta.

As we have heard tonight, GKSS is closely connected to the creation of The Dragon Class. The Dragon is perhaps one of the most beautiful sailboats ever designed. And I can personally confirm, that it is a great joy to sail a Dragon. I had the pleasure to sail one during the 75 year Anniversary Regatta in Saint-Tropez in France in 2004. I still remember that sailing tour in beautiful weather very well.

GKSS has been important for the birth of The Dragon. Since long The Yacht Club also holds a strong position in Swedish and international sailing. The Club is one of the most successful sport clubs in Sweden with its 14 Olympic medals, several World Championships and participation in Americas Cup. Since I am the first honorary member of GKSS, I am very proud of these achievements.

Tonight we have enjoyed a delightful dinner in a historical, well-known building. King Oscar II used to visit this beautiful hotel very often while staying in Marstrand during summer time in the beginning of the last century. King Oscar was well connected with GKSS and He also granted GKSS its status as a Royal Yacht Club 1897.

Finally, I would like to wish all the sailors good luck in tomorrow's racing. I look forward being out there observing you.

May I propose a toast for GKSS and The International Dragon Class Association, wishing you continued success in the future. Thank you!