H.K.H. Kronprinsessans tackord vid mottagning på svenska ambassaden, Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya

(Det talade ordet gäller)

Your Royal Highness,
Ladies and gentlemen,

These past days here in Kenya have been incredibly rewarding, with an ambitious and interesting program. Not least today, when we have focused on the transformative power of the private sector.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share this experience with my dear friend and colleague, Crown Prince Haakon. And my heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who has had a role in the preparations of the program we have taken part of today.

I believe that as we return to Stockholm and Oslo, we do so with a deeper understanding of the challenges facing this country and region. But also with a strong feeling of hope, inspired by the dynamic youth of Kenya and their leadership.

Every meeting we have had during our stay here – from senior government and UN representatives, to young innovators and local women groups; every conversation has made me more convinced that the only way to go forward is by having a holistic approach. By connecting the dots.

The Sustainable Development Goals are not a list targets that we can tick off one by one. We need to look at them as a network or a system, where the only way to achieve one goal is by working on the others as well. And by working on them together.

I very much share Crown Prince Haakon’s hope that visit will prove to be a starting point for a stronger and even more successful cooperation between Kenya, Norway and Sweden.

Once again, thank you!