H.M. Konungens tal på Green Summit

New York, USA

(Det talade ordet gäller)

Ladies and gentlemen,

Sweden has a long tradition of caring for the environment. The theme of this conference, "Going green", is often discussed and protected in our country.

The impact of climate change is perhaps one of the world's greatest challenges. The global temperature is rising, and the consequences of the global warming can be serious, not least in developing countries.

However, awareness is rising! Climate change has become a major concern for scientists, as well as politicians and business leaders. The Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 to Al Gore and the Panel on Climate Change awarded a personality and an organization that have worked hard to put focus on the issue of climate change.

Sweden has shown that energy saving is possible. The emissions of greenhouse gases are reduced. At the same time the use of oil has decreased while the use of bio-energy has grown.

The question of this conference is “Can the Swedish experience convert hype to hope?" I believe so. Swedish companies are in the lead of sustainable revolution. And I also believe that Swedish firms often constitute good examples in this respect. They have adjusted to strict regulations.

But business itself must take the opportunities: hi-tech, entrepreneurial businesses with the foresight and capability to listen to scientists will have impact to succeed. Companies can create business opportunities by moving to a low carbon economy and gain sustainable growth. The potential of new and existing technologies is extensive.

Tackling climate change will require leadership and commitment - qualities that I am confident are represented at this conference. Good luck! Thank you!