H.M. Konungens tal vid inrättandet av ett nytt kansli för World Scout Foundation i Australien


(Det talade ordet gäller)

Your Excellency,
Dear Baden Powell Fellows,
Distinguished guests,

It is a great pleasure to be back in Australia. I still keep in bright memory the BP-Fellow receptions in Sydney and Melbourne, all very well organized and rewarding.

For the World Scout Foundation the BP-Fellow Programme is a vital fund-raising tool. It is also a great opportunity for all of us to show our belief in scouting. For many of us it is also a wonderful way of thanking those who made our own scouting experience possible, when we were young.

I especially want to welcome the new members into the BP-Fellow Family. Perhaps you don't know it, but there are different steps you can take from the Benefactors to the Regal Circle. But I am sure Neil will tell you all about that later. And perhaps also about a very special table cloth....

Our movement is celebrating its hundredths Anniversary in years2007. Acentury years of great impact and importance for young boys and girls all over the world. Scouting has helped me to look upon the world from a different perspective. It has given me a set of clear values for my personal as well as for my official life. And lots of fun.

Scouting continues to make a difference for millions of young people around our globe. Therefore your financial support is very much needed. I want to thank you all for your contribution to a great Movement.

I also would like to thank Neil Westaway especially for what he has done and is doing for Scouting and the World Scout Foundation. Your active support of the World Scout Movement has meant a lot for the organization.

I am very pleased that you have decided to start a World Scout Foundation Chapter in Australia. If you want it to be a success. I am sure it will! But of course it depends on its members and their willingness to be active - not every day but a few times a year. Before I conclude I wish to express my warm gratitude to you , Mr. Governor General, for hosting this special event. It helps to give it a solemn framework when I now have the honour to launch the Australian Baden-Power Fellow Chapter of the World Scout Foundation.

Thank you!