Apply for media positions at the celebrations of HM The King’s 50th jubilee

From today, Friday 18 August, representatives from Swedish and international media outlets can apply for access to media positions during the celebrations of His Majesty’s 50th jubilee.

Applications are administered in cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs International Press Centre. In the application, state which position/positions that are of interest. The photo and media positions have a limited number of places.

The application period is open from 18 August to 31 August. Applications received later than 31 August cannot be processed.

Notification of accreditation and allocation of positions, including information on collecting badges, will be announced separately on 6 September.

Thursday 14 September – jubilee performance at Drottningholms slottsteater

1) Outside Drottningholms slottsteater – arrival and departure of guests (photo, film, reporters)

Friday 15 September – Royal Palace

2) South entrance, Royal Palace Church – arrival and departure of guests at Te Deum (photo, film, reporters)

3) Outer courtyard, Royal Palace – changing of the guards and choir tribute (photo, film, reporters)

4) Royal Palace – arrival of guests to the jubilee banquet (photo, film, reporters)

Saturday 16 September – cortège and concert

Along the cortège route there will be good opportunities for media representatives to stand in public areas, to which no media accreditation is needed.

5) Skeppsbron/Nedre Logårdstrappan – The King and Queen disembark The Royal Barge Vasaorden (photo, film)

6) Norrbro – The City of Stockholm gives a concert on the occasion of HM The King’s 50 years on the throne (photo, film, reporters)

MFA International Press Centre

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs International Press Centre at Fredsgatan 6 in central Stockholm will function as the media centre for international media in connection with The King’s 50 years on the throne. The MFA’s International Press Centre is open Monday–Friday, 8.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m., with possibility to extended opening hours Friday and Saturday.

Sveriges television host broadcaster

Sveriges television has the broadcasting rights for The King’s jubilee.

Questions relating to the host broadcaster will be answered by Anders G Carlsson at Sveriges television, +46 70 852 31 45,

Media questions related to Sveriges television will be answered by Helena Brodén, PR/Marketing SVT Communication, +46 70 688 86 01,

TT official picture agency

TT will be the official picture agency, host photographer, for stills from Te Deum and the jubilee banquet.

Questions relating to the host photographer will be answered by Mats Schagerström, TT Nyhetsbyrån, +46 8 692 26 77 or

Apply for accreditation

Accreditation has been closed since September 1.