The King presents the Stockholm Water Prize

On Wednesday 25 August, The King spoke at the digital presentation of the Stockholm Water Prize for 2020 and 2021.

The King spoke during the digital presentation of the Stockholm Water Prize.

The King spoke during the digital presentation of the Stockholm Water Prize. Photo: Jonas Borg

The winner for 2020, John Cherry, received the award for his discoveries that have revolutionised how we view threats to groundwater. Dr Cherry's work has raised awareness of how groundwater contamination is growing across the world, and has led to new, more efficient methods to tackle the problem.

The winner for 2021, Sandra Postel, received the award for her many years of pioneering work to improve our understanding of complex water issues. As a writer and educator, she has helped to raise awareness of the greatest challenges of our time, showing how – if we want to – we can identify sustainable solutions for the future.

In his speech, The King paid tribute to the prize winners and spoke about how proud he is to be patron of the Stockholm Water Prize:

For 30 years, the Stockholm Water Prize, has honoured women, men and organizations for extraordinary water-related achievements.

Through the years, I have had the privilege to present the prize to some of the world’s most renowned authorities on conservation and protection of water resources. And I am very proud to be the official patron of this prestigious award.

HM The King

World Water Week 2021

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