HRH The Crown Princess' speech at dinner hosted by Business Sweden and the Swedish Embassy

London, United Kingdom

(The spoken version shall take precedence)

Your Excellencies
Lords and Ladies
Members of Parliament
Ladies and Gentlemen

The Spinning Jenny, ball bearings, the steam engine, the spanner, the pacemaker, Tetra Pak, the tin can, Spotify and the World-Wide-Web.

The UK and Sweden are countries with fine traditions in entrepreneurship and innovation.
We have created things that have developed the world! People all around the Globe are using our services and products.

I am grateful to Business Sweden for arranging this dinner. This room is filled with companies and other stakeholders that stand for creativity and great ideas!

The ties between our countries are strong and have been so for a long time. And that also applies to me personally!

Today I think of my great-grandmother Crown Princess Margareta. She was born Margaret of Connaught at Bagshot Park in 1882 and married the Swedish King to be, Gustaf Adolf. Even though her life was all too short, she had a great impact on our country with her openness and liberal values.

She was a pioneer in many ways, not least in popular Swedish winter-sports like bandy, where she, in her long skirt, was captain of the team. Off the ice, she fought for women’s rights, and she made great efforts to bring our countries closer together.

We are, with this dinner, taking new steps in strengthening the cooperation between the UK and Sweden.

Tomorrow marks the start of the UN Climate Summit, COP28. The world will once again come together to address the biggest threat of our time: the climate change.

Deep, rapid, and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are needed. The challenges and problems are obvious.

But there is also hope – and changes for the better are happening all around us. And you, who are in this room, represent that!

Our governments cooperate closely. There is also tremendous power when the business community act together. Both the UK and Sweden are world leading on innovation, and our global competitiveness is closely linked to our strive towards green transition.

To provide just a few examples:

The new industries of green batteries and green steel are paving the way for major vehicle manufacturers to be at the forefront of the transition to fossil-free vehicles.

Another example are banks, in both our countries, providing financing to large companies embarking on their climate transition journey.

The beliefs that have driven us forward in history will also help save our tomorrow! And we know that the next crucial technological leap lies in sustainable development.

With these words, I wish you all a lovely dinner.

Let us strengthen the cooperation for a sustainable future.

Let us create even stronger ties between the UK and Sweden!

Thank you!