HM The King's speech at the state banquet in connection with state visit to Jordan

Amman, Jordan

(The spoken version shall take precedence)

Your Majesties,
Your Royal Highness,
Your Excellences,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

Thank you, Your Majesty, for your kind words.

The Queen and I are grateful for the warm welcome we have received today.

The Queen actually visited Jordan just recently, and has told me about the fine work that is being conducted here by Mentor Arabia, one of Her own organizations.

We are delighted to once again be here, in this country full of friendliness and hospitality, unique historical sites, amazing nature and rich culture.

My grandfather, King Gustaf VI Adolf, was a devoted archaeologist. I have seen some fascinating photographs from his visit to one of your national treasures, the ancient city of Petra in the 1930’s.

When the Queen and I made our first state visit to Jordan, in 1989, we walked in my grandfather’s footsteps in Petra. We also had the opportunity to see the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ at “Bethany beyond the Jordan”. It was a unique and moving experience, and a reminder of our shared history and all that unites us.

Your Majesty: It is not by coincidence that this is our first state visit abroad after the pandemic has started to ease up. Sweden and Jordan are close partners and enjoy a special relationship.

Our families also enjoy a warm friendship: the Queen and I have fond memories from Your Majesties’ State visit to Stockholm in 2003, as well as from many other occasions over the years.

It is inspiring to see how Jordan is always looking to the future, facing up to the common challenges on food and energy security, as well as water scarcity.

Jordan also plays a very important role in the region and beyond in promoting stability and striving for peace.

Today, our countries have excellent cooperation in many areas, including in the field of environmental protection and renewable energy. I am convinced that this cooperation will continue to grow in the years to come. And I hope that this State visit can serve as a catalyst for that.

It will be interesting to visit the Swedish-Jordanian Trade and Investment Forum tomorrow.

The Queen and I look very much forward to the coming days in Jordan, and to contributing to building an even stronger relationship between our countries and peoples.

Thank you!