HRH Prince Daniel's speech at the inauguration of self-driving 5G-vehicles at Royal Djurgården

Royal Djurgården in Stockholm

(The spoken version shall take precedence)

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to Royal Djurgården – right here in the heart of Stockholm.

Back in the 15th century, King Karl Knutsson acquired Djurgården, then called ”Walmund’s island”, and ever since it has been managed by the ruling monarch.

For centuries, Djurgården has been a green oasis for entertainment and recreation.

And 25 years ago it became part of the world’s first national city park, officially opened by His Majesty the King.

Today, Stockholmers and tourists – 15 million every year – come here to enjoy the nature, to exercise, to visit the many museums and to experience music and art.

Most people, I guess, do not associate Djurgården with cutting edge technology.

But the fact is, that this green oasis has a proud tradition as a “showroom” for Swedish innovation, dating all the way back to the Stockholm Exhibition in 1887.

And here we are, ladies and gentlemen – getting ready to hop on a 5G-connected, remote-monitored self-driving vehicle.

Well, I think King Karl Knutsson didn’t see that one coming….

Ladies and gentlemen: In the 2030 Agenda, sustainable transport is part of several of the goals and targets, including those related to health and economic growth.

Access to smart and safe public transportation is essential for any city that wants to be at the forefront.

And with Sweden’s strategy of investing in both physical and digital infrastructure, I believe we are well equipped, not just to meet the future, but to lead the way!

Thanks to all of you who have made this possible!