HM The King's speech at the Leadership seminar, IPADE business school


(The spoken version shall take precedence)

Dear friends,
It is a great pleasure to be here in IPADE, the center of excellence for leadership in Mexico.

Today we are here to talk about leadership. And another leadership school, which some of you will have experienced. I am talking about Scouting.

While IPADE examines 1, 2 or maybe even 3 thousand graduates each year, the other leadership school, Scouting, graduates around 10 million!

Graduates of the ”Scouting program of leadership” include all kind of leaders from different parts in the society.

As I travel in the world, I am very often amazed by the welcome I get, not just as King, but also as Scout. For instance, one year ago I was welcomed by the president of Indonesia. And all of the government ministers in the palace of the president were dressed in scout uniform. Imagine the leadership of one of the world's most exciting growing economies — graduated from the business school Scouting!

Today you have received a card with a code for the World Scout Foundation website. I encourage you to glance through the annual report we have posted there. And look at the videos of interviews with some of those leaders, Rex Tillerson, the CEO of th world's largest company Exxon Mobile, Azrul Anwar, the CEO of the world's largest scout organization and Jerwin, a 17-year-old street kid from Manila. He was saved by scouting from the horrors of the streets. All of these are graduates of the Leadership school of scouting. They all speak of the values of scouting that guide their leadership today.

And now, I appeal to you as business men and women. Imagine being given an opportunity to invest in a leadership school, which will improve the quality of leaders for decades to come in Mexico, but also in Indonesia, in Haiti, in Sweden and other countries throughout the world.

What an amazing business prospect this would be. Today you have the opportunity. I would ask you to contact our friends in Mexican scouting, offer your help and help to build that leadership school here in Mexico. And I would then encourage you to fill in the small form you will receive. Please join me as many other business leaders the world over, as member of the Baden Powell Fellowship, and invest in that leadership.

Ladies and gentlemen, I wish you all great success in your business. I am sure this short course here in IPADE will inspire you and, please, share your inspiration to other leaders throughout the world!

Thank you!