Practical information, The Royal Palace

Baby carriages are not permitted in the palace. They can be parked by the western entrance to the Royal Apartments.

Dogs and pets are not allowed inside the palace, except for guide dogs for the blind and visually impaired.

Eating is not allowed inside the palace, nor is smoking. Please do not smoke by the entrances.

Lockers/Coat Check. Lockers for storage of bags, coats, etc, are available at the Ticket & Information office at the Outer Courtyard.

Please note that large bags, back packs must be stored in lockers during your visit. Umbrellas must be placed in the umbrella stand. Lockers must be emptied before closing time.

Handbags and small backpacks can be brought inside.

Mobile phones should be set to silent mode during the visit.

Parking. A limited number of parking places are available adjacent to the palace that are managed by the City of Stockholm.

Photographing. Visitors are allowed to photograph and film for private use – without flash/lights, tripods, selfie sticks or other fixed equipment – as long as it does not disturb other visitors, guided tours, or other activity at the palace.

Commercial or other arranged photography or filming is not allowed.

Toilets are located by the Ticket & Information office at the Outer Courtyard and in the Tre Kronor Museum.

Access, The Royal Palace

Entrance. Enter via the West Vault from the Outer Courtyard.

Ticket sale at the Ticket & Information office in the Outer Courtyard.

Elevator information
In the West Vault there is an elevator serving the Bernadotte Apartment and the Banquet Hall. For elevator service contact the Ticket & Information office personnel.

The elevator has room for 4 people or 320 kg. The door opening is approximately 75 cm wide and the elevators inner measurements are 95 cm wide by 131 cm deep - room for one visitor in a manual wheelchair with an assistant.

From the West Vault to the State Apartments there are 101 steps with a handrail.

Between the Banquet Hall and the stairwell there are three steps without a handrail. There are also three steps without a handrail between the stairwell and the Guest Apartment.

Ramps, 80 cm wide, are available between the Banquet Hall and the Guest Apartment.

Wheelchair accessible toilets are located by the entrance to the Royal Apartments (ask the staff there for assistance) and in the Tre Kronor Museum.

Parking for the disabled is available at certain locations around the palace. Contact the City of Stockholm for information.

Companions to visitors with disabilities have free admission.

For more information about accessibility call: +46 8 402 61 30, weekdays 9:00–12:00