The Palace

The Don Quixote Room, The Royal Palace. Photo: The Royal Court/Håkan Lind.
The Royal Apartments at the Palace are a collective name for the magnificent state rooms that are used at The King and Queen's receptions.

There is a banquet hall used at gala dinners, cabinet meetings, and parliamentary evenings. There is also a guest apartment used as a guest residence for foreign dignitaries on official state visits. The Bernadotte rooms are used at medal presentations and formal audiences.
The well-preserved interior provides historical insight from the 1700s and onwards, where each monarch has left traces of his time. Here you can see Gustav III's state bedchamber, Oskar II's writing room and the most recently decorated room - King Carl Gustaf's Jubilee Room.

The Royal apartments also include the Hall of State with Queen Kristina's silver throne as well as the Apartments of the Orders of Chivalry, which houses a permanent collection of the regal orders.

In conjunction with a reception an apartment can be completely or partially closed. See closing dates under Opening hours.

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