The Fjäderholm Islands

The Fjäderholm Islands were first mentioned in a contract of sale from 1381. The name is derived from Fierdholmarna, which means islets on the bay.
The islands played a significant role in the 19th century "aquavit war" between LO Smith and the new spirits monopoly in Stockholm. At the beginning of the 1920s, the islands were taken over by the Swedish Navy in order to build a munitions factory.
The Royal Djurgården Administration took over responsibility for the islands in 1982 and extensive restoration work was carried out.
Today the Fjäderholm Islands are a popular destination both for tourists and Stockholmers. There are regular boat connections between the mainland and the group of islands during the summer months and the islands have much to offer, including archipelago cuisine, handicrafts for sale and culture.
The Fjäderholm Islands have been part of the Royal National City Park since 1995.

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