Sveriges Kungahus

H.M. The King's speech at the Royal Palace of Stockholm on the occasion of his 25th jubilee

Today, it is twenty-five years since I became King of Sweden. This is a considerable length of time. If instead we talk about a quarter of a century, it might perhaps feel even longer.

We celebrated this jubilee on Sweden's National Day by inviting representatives from all of Sweden's municipalities to a party for almost two thousand guests, here at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. However, it is only now that twenty-five years have actually passed. I therefore felt it was appropriate to commemorate this day and to welcome you all to this lunch.

The confidence I have felt over these years has been of great importance to me. The support I have received from the people of Sweden has helped me to work "For Sweden — With the Times".

Today, it is also twenty-five years since my grandfather, King Gustaf VI Adolf, passed away. He was a much loved and respected monarch, but was also a natural focus of our family. With his death, an important link in the history of the nation and our family was lost.

I have been thinking today not only about my grandfather, but also about our children. In you, my dears, lies both the future and a sense of continuity.

I look to the future with a great sense of confidence. Representing our country, both at home and abroad, is a privilege that I will continue to carry out with respect, care and gratitude.

Once again, a warm welcome!