Wedding gifts and congratulations

In connection with their marriage, Prince Carl Philip and Miss Sofia Hellqvist have formed a foundation, The Prince Couple's Foundation.

The aim of the foundation is to promote and support children and young people in matters relating to care and education. These are issues that The Prince Couple are involved in, and that are close to their hearts.

Those who would like to give a gift to Prince Carl Philip and Miss Sofia Hellqvist in celebration of their marriage are asked to consider making a donation to The Prince Couple's Foundation.

Bank giro: 474-3134.

Please state your name and address so that the Foundation can send a letter of thanks.

IBAN number for payments from abroad
Electronic format– SE5150000000054281003797
Paper format –  SE51 5000 0000 0542 8100 3797
Bic-code – ESSESESS

Any other gifts for The Prince Couple can be left at Post & Logistik, the Royal Palace of Stockholm, up until Friday 12 June at 16:00.

Post & Logistik is open on weekdays from 07:00 until 16:30.

Kungl. Slottet, SE-107 70  Stockholm, Sweden