Sveriges Kungahus

County visits 2013

During The King's jubilee year, The King and Queen will be visiting all of Sweden's counties.
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Motiv: Kalmar County, Tuesday 5 March. Six-year-old Wille Björk from Kalmar shakes hands with The King outside Kalmar Cathedral. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/Scanpix
Sveriges län Norrbottens län Västerbottens län Västernorrlands län Jämtlands län Gävleborgs län Dalarnas län Värmlands län Örebro län Västmanlands län Uppsala län Stockholms län Södermanlands län Östergötlands län Västra Götalands län Jönköpings län Kalmar län Kronobergs län Blekinge län Skåne län Hallands län Gotlands län
Sweden consists of 21 counties. Each county has a county administrative board, headed by a county governor. As a state authority, the county administrative board ensures that the decisions made by the Riksdag and the Swedish Government are implemented within the county.
The role of the county administrative board is to promote the development of the county and to inform the Swedish Government of significant events.
The county administrative boards were established when Axel Oxenstierna reformed the Swedish state administration in 1634.

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Preparing for the county visits

The planning for The King and Queen's visits to Sweden's counties has been underway for a long time.