The wedding cake

The Crown Princess Couple´s wedding cake is a gift from the Swedish Association of Bakers and Confectioners.

The cake

The white four-leaf clover-shaped wedding cake is 330 cm high, and is made up of 11 tiers. A 125 cm daquise base (a soft almond meringue made from almond flour) is topped with chocolate crisp, followed by a fragilité base (a soft almond meringue made from almond paste). On top of this is a champagne mousse with a wild strawberry curd centre. This is followed by a layer of wild strawberry compote. Champagne mousse and daquise base are then layered, finishing off with champagne mousse.

Floral decorations made from pulled sugar (caramel)

The care is decorated with 100 handmade roses and 40 lilies, made from caramel.

Decoration base

The top of the cake is decorated with a wavy gelatine sugar layer. On top of this are edible triangular spirals in transparent gold and blue, made from isomalt sugar. At the top, the diameter of the cake is 25 cm. Here, the Crown Princess Couple´s monogram is reproduced in cast caramel.

Four-leaf clovers on the sides

The sides of the cake are decorated with four-leaf clovers, symbolising the Crown Princess Couple and their wedding.

Organic ingredients

More than 95 percent of the ingredients used to make the cake are organic. The few exceptions include the wild strawberries.

Weight 250 kg

The cake weighs 250 kg. The stand weighs just as much again.