The Hall of State

Created by Nicodemus Tessin the Younger

The Hall of State was created in 1717 by palace master builder Nicodemus Tessin the Younger as the main ceremonial room of the Royal Palace of Stockholm. The wedding banquet in honour of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel is one of the biggest of the many royal events that have been held here.

Pink floral paintings on the blind windows

The wedding banquet in the Hall of State will be a floral extravaganza, and the somewhat austere interior has been softened with floral paintings on the blind windows of the walls. The paintings in shades of pink depict roses, hydrangeas, carnations, peonies and rhododendrons from the grounds of Sofiero Palace.

Bleeding heart, sweet peas, lady's mantle, lilac and lilies of the valley

The table's magnificent floral arrangements are grouped around gaudy bouquets of bleeding heart, sweet peas, lady's mantle, lilac and lilies of the valley.

Mirror plateaus with pink flowers

The 32-metre long table in the centre and the table of honour under the canopy will be adorned with a mirror plateau the length of the table, slightly raised from the table top, with the edges decorated with various pink flowers.

The round tables are set up in the same way, but with a round mirror plateau. The palace's gala silver, candelabra, candlesticks and vases and terrines filled with flowers will be placed in groups on the plateaus.