H.R.H. Prince Daniel's speech

Your Majesties
Your Imperial Highness
Your Royal Highnesses
Ladies and gentlemen
Dear family and friends
Dear Victoria

Crown Princess Victoria, Princess of Sweden, Princess of my heart.
Nine years ago I had the privilege of meeting a young woman with a wonderful sense of humour, a strong sense of duty and who was also extremely wise.
We became friends. The more I got to know her, the more irresistible she became.
These years together with you Victoria have flown by; they've been the best years of my life.
There have been times when Victoria's official duties have separated us. Often taken her to faraway countries and continents. I will never forget some years ago when she left for one of her many trips, this time to China.

We were going to be apart for a whole month. The night before she left, she got home late after an official engagement, and she had many preparations to make before the long month of duties ahead. Instead of getting some valuable sleep, she stayed up the whole night writing.
In the morning after she had gone I found a box. And in that box I found 30 beautiful letters addressed to me. One for every day she would be away.
This romantic gesture is typical of you Victoria. It says everything about the loving person you are.

Once upon a time the young man was, perhaps not a frog, in the beginning of the fairytale, as in the story first told by the Grimm-brothers. But he was certainly not a prince.
The first kiss did not change that.
His transformation was not possible without the support of the wise King and Queen, who had ruled the Kingdom for many years, and who were full of wisdom, experience and had good hearts.
They knew what was best and guided the young couple with a gentle hand, generously sharing all their valuable experience.
I am extremely grateful to Your Majesties, The King and Queen, for your whole-hearted support and for the way in which you have welcomed me into your family. Naturally my thoughts also go to my own family. To my mother and father, and my sister and her daughters.

Mother and father, you have given me your unconditional love throughout my entire childhood and adolescence. You have helped me with your wisdom and you have helped me to build a strong sense of self-esteem and security through your sound values, which have guided me through life.
Today, as we travelled through the streets of Stockholm, we were met by an incredible joy and warmth from the people. It is a memory that we will cherish always.
During the years that Victoria and I have been together I have felt a huge amount of support from the people I have met. This support has been extremely important to me. Thank you.
I feel a profound respect for the duties that I am shortly to take up. There is no doubt that it will be a major challenge. I will do my utmost to live up to the expectations that will be placed upon me. I will do my utmost to support my wife, Sweden's Crown Princess, in Her important obligations.
My darling Victoria. I am so proud of what we have. I am so happy that I am now your husband. I will do everything in my power to make sure that You remain as happy as You are today.

Victoria, there is nothing greater than love. I love You so much.