Kronprinsessparets bröllop

The Guards Battalion

The Guards Battalion (formerly the Svea Life Guards) paraded with two units outside the church: the Grenadier Company along the route of the cortège and the Inner Courtyard, and the Honorary Troop along the route of the cortège in connection with the wedding.  

Gustav Vasa's bodyguard

The Life Guards date back to 1521, when 16 men from Dalarna were appointed Gustav Vasa's bodyguards. Following Gustav Vasa's procession in to Stockholm as the newly appointed King on Midsummer Day 1523, the bodyguards were promoted to Life Guards, who have taken part in court ceremonies ever since.
The majority of the Life Guards wear the Svea Life Guards' dark blue uniforms from 1886, with plumes and epaulettes during ceremonies attended by the Royal Family.  

Grenadiers - the troop's elite soldiers

The Grenadiers were the troop's elite soldiers and were equipped with hand grenades. They wore high hats without a brim so as not to hinder their use of the grenades. From the beginning of the 1800s they wore bearskin hats like their French counterparts. The white baldric on the hats symbolises the fuses from olden times that were used to light the grenade. Their status meant that they had a place of honour during parades and ceremonies, and even today the Grenadier Company is the most distinguished looking in any parade.  

Queen Lovisa embroidered H.M. The King's Life Company's banner

In addition to the Life Guards' banner, the Grenadier Company also bears His Majesty The King's own Life Company banner. This banner was given to the company in 1868 by Karl XV's consort, Queen Lovisa, who embroidered it by hand as a gesture of gratitude for the contributions of the Life Company.  
The Svea Life Guards merged with the Life Guards' Dragoons in 2000 to form a single regiment, the Life Guards.