Kronprinsessparets bröllop


The bridal couple was assisted by attendants and pages during processions on foot in connection with the wedding festivities.
It has been the custom for princes at court and other dignitaries to employ young men as pages since the Middle Ages. They were there to attend on members of the royal family and act as good playmates for the royal children. Meanwhile they had the opportunity to study and train to take on important positions.
When the military academy at Karlberg was established in 1792, the court's need for pages at ceremonial occasions was met by attendants, who were selected from among the cadets.
Since the 1950s, attendants and pages have been taken on following application for service on special occasions. They are military servicemen from the Navy and Air Force.
At the royal wedding in 1976, the pages carried Queen Silvia's train as she boarded the Royal Barge 'Vasaorden', when she disembarked at Skeppsbron and during the walk through Logården to the royal apartments at the Royal Palace.