The Parade Barouche

The Parade Barouche

During the cortège, The Crown Princess Couple will travel in the Parade Barouche from the Royal Mews. It is the same barouche that was used by The King and Queen at their wedding exactly 34 years ago to the day.

The Parade Barouche, in which The Crown Princess Couple will travel during the cortège. Photo: Charlotte Gawell.

Drawn by four horses à la d'Aumont 

The Crown Princess Couple's Parade Barouche is drawn by four horses à la d'Aumont, which means that there is no coachman in the driver's seat. Instead there is a mounted driver on the left horse. This is to enable as many people as possible to be able to see The Crown Princess Couple during the cortège.

Made around the turn of the last century

The Parade Barouche was made by L.V. Nylund's coach factory in Stockholm around the turn of the last century. It has been used in general for all the weddings in the Royal Family that have taken place in Stockholm during the post-war period.

Subtly decorated with elegant lines

The Parade Barouche has a neat construction and is less decorated than many of the other coaches of Royal Families across Europe. It is constructed with a high level of craftsmanship and is aesthetically pleasing with its elegant, boat-shaped lines.
The Parade Barouche has magnificent silver-plated lanterns crowned with royal crowns and etched glass.

Used at the Haga Princesses' weddings

The Parade Barouche was used at several of the Haga Princesses' weddings.

The current King's parents, Prince Gustaf Adolf and Princess Sibylla, travelled in this barouche when they arrived in Stockholm after their wedding in December 1932. They wore warm clothes and had a rug over their legs due to the bitterly cold weather.