The Swedish Armed Forces fired salutes from Skeppsholmen and other saluting batteries when Prince Alexander was born. The salute consisted of a round of 21 shots.

At the christening, 21-gun salutes was also fired from Skeppsholmen and from the HMS Kullen outside Drottningholm Palace.

On the occasion of a royal birth, a salute is fired in accordance with the Swedish Armed Forces' ceremonial provisions (Instruction to the Swedish Armed Forces, ceremonies; Cerl FM 2010).

The canons on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm fire a salute on the occasion of the birth of Prince Carl (XVI) Gustaf on 30 April 1946. Photo: The Royal Court

For the firstborn of a Head of State or an heir to the throne, a salute is fired in two rounds, with a one minute interval, of 21 shots each.