The King attends the Ski World Cup in Hammarbybacken

On Tuesday 23 February, The King visited Hammarbybacken to watch the parallel slalom world cup competitions.

The King arrived at Hammarbybacken, where he was welcomed by Carl Eric Stålberg, Chairman of Åre 2019 AB. During a tour of the competition area, The King had the opportunity to greet the competitors and officials. The competitions then took place.

The King at the competition area in Hammarbybacken. Photo: Pelle T Nilsson/IBL

In the ladies' competition, Switzerland's Wendy Holdener took gold, Frida Hansdotter took silver and Maria Pietilä Holmner took bronze.

Austria's Marcel Hirscher won the men's competition, with André Myhrer coming second and Italy's Stefano Gross coming third.

Frida Hansdotter took second place, Switzerland's Wendy Holdener took first place and Maria Pietilä Holmner took third place in the parallel slalom world cup competition at Hammarbybacken. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT

Ski World Cup Stockholm

This is the first time an Alpine world cup competition has ever been arranged in Stockholm. The line-up is based on the current world cup position in February, and the 16 best ladies and men have the chance to compete in World Cup Stockholm. Competitors compete two at a time on parallel slalom courses. Each heat consists of two runs, one on each course. The competitor with the fastest overall time wins the heat and progresses to the next heat.

Austria's Marcel Hirscher and Sweden's André Myhrer during the final. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT


Hammarbybacken is an artificial hill in Björkhagen, south Stockholm, and is 93.5 metres high. Construction began in 1983 using aggregate from work including the construction of Globen, and over 800,000 cubic metres were used. The hill was then 87.6 metres high. In 2007, aggregate from Hammarby Sjöstad was dumped on the hill, bringing the height to the current 93.5 metres.

There is a ski facility at the top. The longest ski run is 400 metres long, with a drop in height of 85 metres. The ski facility was opened in 1990.