The Crown Princess presents the Inspiration Prize at Recycling Day

Motiv: The Crown Princess presented the Inspiration Prize to Blocket and its CEO Jan Prokopec. Photo: David Sica/Stella Pictures

On Monday 12 May, The Crown Princess took part in the Recycling Day conference and presented the Inspiration Prize 2014 to Blocket.

The Swedish Recycling Industries' Inspiration Prize 2014 was awarded to Blocket "for having created a marketplace and driven the development of recycled products, over and over again. This has led to more efficient use of resources, reduced environmental impact and greater commitment to reuse."

This year's theme for the conference, which is arranged by the Swedish Recycling Industries, was "Resources, the climate and the role of material recycling". During the day, representatives from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, IKEA, political parties and recycling companies spoke about and discussed issues such as: Is the circular economy a solution? Which means of control are needed in order for more to be recycled? How do companies design for the recycling and reuse of recycled materials?

About the Inspiration Prize and the Swedish Recycling Industries

The Inspiration Prize was established by the Swedish Recycling Industries in 2006, and is awarded to businesses for innovative, creative and useful product development initiatives, based on recycled raw materials.

The Swedish Recycling Industries External link, opens in new window. is an industry association for private recycling companies that have chosen to work actively with the environment and ethics in their operations, with the aim of creating sustainable recycling. The industry has 6,000 employees, deals with more than 10 million tonnes of waste and recycling materials, recycling more than 50 percent.