The Crown Princess attends a white paper launch

Motiv: The Crown Princess and Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag at the ceremony at Norra Latin. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

On Tuesday 25 March, The Crown Princess attended the launch of the white paper "The Dark and Unknown History". The ceremony took place at Stockholm's Norra Latin.

Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag presented "The Dark and Unknown History", a white paper about injustices and violations against Roma and travellers in Sweden during the 20th century.

The invitees included Roma and people who had contributed towards the creation of the book, representatives from Roma organisations, representatives from authorities and organisations, and members of the Riksdag.

The aim of the white paper – which is based on archive materials, research reports and interviews with Roma and travellers – is to acknowledge victims and their relatives, and to create an understanding of the contemporary situation of the Roma minority.

The paper, which was produced on behalf of the Ministry of Employment, does not give a complete picture of the vulnerability of the Roma during the 20th century, but is the most comprehensive work within this field to date.