Princess Sofia attends a memorial ceremony for the victims of the Holocaust

On Wednesday 27 January, Princess Sofia attended a memorial ceremony for the victims of the Holocaust at the Great Synagogue of Stockholm.

Aron Verständig, Chairman of the Jewish Community in Stockholm, welcomed all those present. Director of the Living History Forum Ingrid Lomfors, Minister for Culture and Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke, Deputy Ambassador at the Israeli Embassy Asaf Segev and survivor, writer and psychologist Hédi Fried then gave speeches.

Music was performed by Semmy Stahlhammer, Isabel Blommé, Peter Bothén and the Renanot choir, under the direction of cantor Isidoro Abramowicz.

About Holocaust Memorial Day

27 January – the date on which Auschwitz Concentration Camp was liberated in 1945 – is International Holocaust Memorial Day. This day has been observed around Swedenexternal link, opens in new window since 1999.

The UN declared the date as an international day of remembrance for the victims of the Holocaust in 2005.