Prince Carl Philip attends the Chef of the Year competition

On Thursday 2 February, Prince Carl Philip was a member of the jury for the Chef of the Year competition and presented the Chef of the Year award to the winner, Johan Backeus.

This year's competition was held at Malmö Arena, where the eight chefs had five hours to prepare two competition menus which were presented to the jury. The first task was to create five vegetarian appetisers. The second was a main course, using pheasant as the main ingredient. The Prince took part in the jury.

The Prince gave a speech during the prize-giving, in which he said:

"I think it is particularly interesting to see how this competition updates the Swedish culinary art by focusing on sustainable ingredients. This is a trend that benefits everyone. All the chefs who have competed today have done a fantastic job. You all possess great skill, creativity and excellent taste buds, and you all dare to draw on new influences."

The Prince then presented the Gastronomic Academy's Gold Award to Johan Backeus from the restaurant Aveqia. The Silver Award was presented to the Lilla Ego restaurant's Sebastian Thuresson. Magnus Persson, representing the restaurant Hillenberg, came third.

The final of this year's Chef of the Year competition took place at Malmö Arena. Photo: Emil Langvad/TT

The Chef of the Year competition

The Chef of the Yearexternal link, opens in new window is the official Swedish championship for professional cooking. Prince Carl Philip is patron of the Chef of the Year competition, and also takes part in the jury.