Visit Riddarholm Church: Concert programme and new exhibition on the exhumation of Magnus Ladulås

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Motiv: Magnus Ladulås' grave in Riddarholm Church. Ladulås was the first king to be buried here. Photo: Ray Wahlsten.
The royal burial church on Riddarholmen is now open for the season. You can explore the church by yourself, or join a guided tour. There is an exhibition at the church on the current exhumation, and concerts featuring classical and Gregorian music will be held at the weekends.

New exhibition on the exhumation of Magnus Ladulås

Magnus Ladulås' grave in Riddarholm Church was opened in spring 2011. The exhumation was part of a major interdisciplinary research project, and many different tests were carried out on the skeletons before the grave was resealed. Thanks to modern technology and scientific methods, new historical knowledge has been gained. This includes information about the gender, age, health, appearance and cause of death of those buried in the grave, and their relationships to each other.
On 1 July a new exhibition will be opened in the church, presenting the exhumation and the results obtained so far. The people buried in the grave are presented individually: what health problems they suffered from, how long they lived and who they may have been. The exhibition is a partnership between the Museum of Medieval Stockholm and the Royal Collections.

Visit the church this summer

The church is open daily for you to explore at your leisure from 10:00 until 17:00, and there are also guided tours.
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Weekend concerts

Concerts featuring some of Sweden's top performers of classical and Gregorian music will be given at the weekends. These concerts will take place at 13:00 on Saturdays and Sundays in Riddarholm Church, and are included in the normal entry fee.