The Crown Princess presents the Bertil Hult Prize

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Motiv: The Crown Princess arrives at the Örsundsbro School. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/Scanpix
On Monday 31 January, The Crown Princess awarded the 2010 Bertil Hult Prize to the Örsundsbro School in Enköping.
The school was awarded the prize for its Language Bridge project, which aims to identify and assist children who have difficulties reading and writing.
The jury's reasons for awarding the prize were as follows: "The 2010 Bertil Hult Prize goes to the Örsundsbro School for its work to identify children who have difficulties reading and writing, and to help them improve their literacy skills. This work is based on a scholarly approach, and is evaluated on an ongoing basis through research."
The Bertil Hult Prize is awarded to the Swedish primary and lower secondary school that has demonstrated the best practical example of how initiatives to help pupils with dyslexia are integrated into the school's everyday work.
This is the eighth year in a row that the SEK 500,000 prize has been awarded.