Royal Engagements

Visiting a children’s clinic at Linköping University Hospital in January 2005. Photo: Brita Nordholm/TT

Together with other members of the Royal Family, Princess Madeleine participates in the celebration of Sweden’s National Day, the birthdays of the Crown Princess and the King, the Opening of the Parliamentary Session, Nobel festivities and official dinners.

Princess Madeleine attending a seminar on how the global development goals will benefit children to a greater extent. The meeting was held at the UN Headquarters in Manhattan in September 2016. Photo: Pontus Höök/TT

The World Childhood Foundation

The Princess is involved in the World Childhood Foundation and participates in an array of meetings and projects with Childhood, both in Sweden and abroad. She is member of Childhood Sweden's board and honorary member of Childhood United States board.

Amongst other things, the Princess initiated t he #EyesWideOpen campaign in 2015. It aims to increase the awareness about the sexual abuse of children. In conjunction with a high level meeting in New York in the autumn of 2016, the Princess presented the continuation of the campaign – an app that makes it easier for adults to prevent, recognise and react to sexual abuse and exploitation of children. The app is a collaboration between the World Childhood Foundation, Darkness to Light and Ericsson.

Princess Madeleine and Enna, aged 7. Thanks to the My Special Day Foundation, Enna was able to realise her dream – to visit the Queen and Princess Madeleine at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Photo: Kate Gabor/

My Special Day (Min Stora Dag)

The My Special Day Foundation that helps the wishes of severely ill children come true is one of Princess Madeleine’s biggest engagements. The Princess is the patron of the Foundation and participates in a range of events organised by My Special Day.