The management group at the Royal Court

The management group from the top left:
Governor of the Royal Palaces Dr. Lennart Ahlgren,  Keeper of the Privy Purse Mr. Jan Lindman, Crown Equerry Lieutenant-General Mertil Melin, Majesty´s Military Staff Vice Admiral Håkan Pettersson, First Marshal of the Court Mr. Lars-Hjalmar Wide, Marshal of the Court Mr. Jörgen Lindström, the Principal Secretary to the Marshal of the Realm Mr. Christer Lignell.

Director of the Information and Press Department Mrs. Nina Eldh, First lady of the Court Baroness Kirstine von Blixen-Finecke, Marshal of the Realm Mr. Svante Lindqvist (chairman),  Director of the Royal Collections Mrs. Carin Bergström, Director of the Personnel Department Mrs. Gun-Britt Flingdal.

Photo: Claes-Göran Carlsson.

The management group. Photo: Clas-Göran Carlsson.