There is a long and historic tradition of royal patronage. Today, patronage involves an expression of support for the work of organisations, associations or institutions, or for other important activities or social commitment.

Royal patronage occurs within various different subject areas: charity work, the environment, nature, culture, science, the promotion of exports, health and medical care, wellness, sports and so on.

When a member of the Royal Family undertakes a patronage, he or she promotes the operations of the association, institution or organisation in question. This can be done in various ways, but generally involves the patron lending weight and status to these operations by raising awareness of the organisation and its work. In the case of patronage of more long-term operations, the aim is also to inspire others to contribute their support.

Patronage can also be granted for individual events, such as exhibitions or conferences. This is usually the case if the royal patron in question is able to attend all or part of the event.

In order for patronage to be granted, the association, institution or organisation must be well established and its finances must be in good order. Patronage is always granted for a limited period of time. It can apply either for an individual activity or for more long-term operations of a maximum of five years. If the association, institution or organisation wishes patronage to be extended after the end of this period, a new application for patronage must be submitted.

Patronage for the operations of foreign associations, institutions or organisations is only undertaken in exceptional circumstances and highly restrictively.

The following information is required when enquiring about patronage:

  • To whom the enquiry is directed
  • The aim of the patronage
  • Background information about the organisation or the project
  • Information about the date and time of a time-limited event

Applications should be sent to the following address:

HM The King's Office of the Marshal of the Court
The Royal Palace of Stockholm
107 70 Stockholm

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