Her Majesty The Queen's Household

The Queen's Household is responsible for The Queen's official and private programme. It is also responsible for the planning and implementation of Princess Madeleine's official activities and representation. This work is conducted in collaboration with the Office of the Marshal of the Court.

First Lady of the Court, Anna Hamilton, is head of The Queen's Household and is The Queen's closest member of staff. Also working at The Queen's Household are two Ladies-in-Waiting who alternate with each other, a Court Secretary and a Court Registrar.

Travel in Sweden and abroad

In addition to the official engagements of the Royal Court The Queen has an extensive programme of her own.

She puts a lot of time and effort into civic work and actively participates in several foundations involved in children and youth issues both in Sweden and abroad. She travels a lot to visit different organisations and institutions to follow up on their work.

Extensive correspondence

The Queen is well prepared for every task. Together with her staff she updates herself on the countries she is visiting and is well informed about the people with whom she meets. Work at The Queen's office is very flexible and involves many telephone conversations and extensive correspondence.


Ladies-in-Waiting assist The Queen and make sure that her work runs as smoothly as possible, both in official and private contexts. A Lady-in-Waiting must fit in as discretely as possible in all situations, either at a gala banquet or a visit to a retirement community.