Office of the Governor of the Royal Palaces

Photo: The Royal Court

Photo: The Royal Court

The Office of the Governor of the Royal Palaces manages the royal right of disposition of 10 royal palaces: this includes the Royal Palace of Stockholm, Drottningholm Palace , the Chinese Pavilion, Haga Palace, Ulriksdal Palace, Gripsholm Castle, Rosersberg Palace, Strömsholm Palace, Rosendals Palace and Tullgarn Palace.  

All the buildings, parks, gardens and forests that belong to the palaces are also included in this work.

The Governor of the Royal Palaces Staffan Larsson is head of the office. He is also slottsfogde or Governor of the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

Ancient Title

Fogde or bailiff is an ancient title for the person who watches over a certain area. The slottsfogde is "The King's palace bailiff in Stockholm" whose duty is to safeguard The King's right to the palace.
Three additional "slottsfogdar" are responsible respectively for the Domain of Drottningholm including the Chinese Pavilion, the Tullgarn and Rosersberg Palaces, the Gripsholm Castle administration with the Gripsholm and Strömsholm palaces and the Royal Djurgården administration, which is responsible for the Royal Djurgården and by commission also Ulriksdal's operations.

Popular visitor destination

The Office of the Governor of the Royal palaces is responsible for visitor operations at the Royal Palace of Stockholm and the Palaces at Ulriksdal and Rosendal, as well as the Gustav III Pavilion at Haga Park and the Ridderholm Chapel.

Guides carry out more than three thousand guided tours each year. Special tours are available for children, which is a popular activity during winter and spring vacations.