Mottoes of The Kings and Queens of Sweden

Gustav Vasa1523 - 1560All power is of God
Erik XIV1560 - 1568God gives to whom He will
Johan III1568 - 1592God our defender
Sigismund1592 - 1599For justice and the people
Karl IX1600 - 1611In God I trust
Gustav II Adolf1611 - 1632With God and arms victorious
Kristina1632 - 1654Wisdom is the prop of the realm
Karl X Gustav1654 - 1660In God my destiny - He shall perform it
Karl XI1660 - 1697The Lord is become my Defender
Karl XII1697 - 1718With God's help
Ulrika Eleonora1719 - 1720In God my hope
Fredrik I1720 - 1751In God my hope
Adolf Fredrik1751 - 1771The prosperity of the State my felicity
Gustav III1771 - 1792The Fatherland
Gustav IV Adolf1792 - 1809God and the people
Karl XIII1809 - 1818The good of the people my supreme law
Karl XIV Johan1818 - 1844The people's love my reward
Oskar I1844 - 1859Justice and truth
Karl XV1859 - 1872With law shall the land be built
Oskar II1872 - 1905For the good of the kindred nations
 1905 - 1907For Sweden's good
Gustaf V1907 - 1950With the people for the land of our fathers
Gustaf VI Adolf1950 - 1973Duty first
Carl XVI Gustaf1973 -For Sweden - With the times