Purveyor to the Court

Companies that are appointed by the Royal Court to supply goods or services to a member of the Royal Family are Purveyors to the Court.
Purveyors to the Court are appointed by His Majesty The King.

In order to qualify as Purveyor to the Court a company must have delivered goods or services to the Royal Court for at least five years. Furthermore, the companies finances must be conducted without fault.
A number of companies in the same field can be named Purveyor to the Court.

Title Revocation

The title Purveyor to the Court follows the Managing Director of the company. This means that if the Managing Director leaves the company then the company automatically loses the title and has to reapply for it to be renewed.

The revocation of the title Purveyor to the Court can also occur for other reasons such as in cases where the company has:

  • been mismanaged
  • changed operational focus
  • ceased production of the product it delivers to the Royal Court

The Office of the Treasurer of the Court handles all errands related to Purveyors to the Court.