Floral decorations

The floral decorations for the Royal Wedding on Saturday 13 June 2015 followed the colour scheme chosen by the couple for their invitations, mixed with natural elements. The colour scheme ranged in tones from cream to coral.

The flowers chosen were roses, hydrangea, carnations, sweet peas, peonies and fuchsia. The natural elements were twigs of birch and raspberry, wild chervil and ferns.

The Royal Chapel

Guests were led in to the South Gate along a deep coral coloured carpet, and were greeted by birch trees, birch twig garlands, banks of wild chervil and coral coloured floral obelisks.

The ends of the church pews, the altar rail and the altar itself were decorated with flowers in pink, coral and cream tones. The floral arrangements were created from roses, peonies, carnations, hydrangea, sweet peas and fuchsia.

Around all of the church walls was a bank of wild chervil, twigs of raspberry, ferns and matricaria, similar to oxeye daisy.

The floral arrangements were created by the Royal Court's florist, Claes Carlsson and his team of 45 florists.