The table linen

The table of honour is laid with the Linen Chamber's oldest linen, 'Unionslinne' (the Union Linen). This was woven in France in 1891, in the town of Lille. The textile factory was called Lemaitre Demestre & Fils, and was situated on the Place de la Gare at 19 Rue de Baisse.

The pattern features the coat of arms of the Swedish-Norwegian union, woven into the middle of the tablecloth. An exquisite, highly detailed ornamental pattern traces around the coat of arms. All 400 napkins were made from the same linen and feature the same pattern.

The Union Linen is woven from damask and cold mangled according to the Linen Chamber's time-old tradition. Cold mangling brings out all the tiny, fine details in the linen.