The Royal family's attire

The King's attire

The King is Admiral of the Fleet and wears mess dress model 1878. This is the military equivalent of formal evening dress and can be worn on festive occasions, when a tail coat is worn according to civil custom. Full mess dress consists of a dark blue mess jacket, white waistcoat, dark blue long trousers with gold piping, dress coat and black bow-tie.

The King wears the Order of the Seraphim on a collar with the Grand Star and Royal Order of Vasa also on a collar. The King wears the Swedish military Order of the Sword around his neck.

The King also wears two Grand Star Orders, the Swedish Order of the Seraphim on top and underneath, the Royal Order of Vasa. On his chest (from inside to out) The King wears miniature medals: Gustav V's Jubilee Medal II, Gustav VI Adolf's Commemorative Medal, Order of the Polar Star and Order of Vasa.

Prince Daniel's attire

Prince Daniel wears the Order of the Seraphim on a sash together with the Star of the Order, as well as the Order of the Polar Star cross, on a black band around his neck. On his chest, The Prince wears King Carl XVI Gustaf's Jubilee Commemorative Medal II in miniature.

Christopher O'Neill's attire

Christopher O'Neill wears tails and the cross of the Order of the Polar Star on a blue and yellow band around his neck.