Prince Carl Philip participates in the international naval exercise Northern Coasts 2014

Prince Carl Philip will participate in the international naval exercise Northern Coasts 2014 from Tuesday 26 August until Thursday 11 September. The Prince will have a position in the Swedish-Finnish seagoing staff, consisting of 35 people on board HMS Carlskrona.

During the naval exercise, The Prince will work with the Force’s ongoing efforts. The Prince will be part of the staff that will follow up, lead, coordinate and prioritise the activities for around 30 subordinate vessels.

Press meeting

On Sunday 31 August at 1 p.m. a press meeting will be arranged with Prince Carl Philip in Turku, Finland. The media will have the opportunity to take photographs and to ask The Prince questions about the naval exercise.

Place: Aura river, outside HMS Carlskrona
Date: Sunday 31 August
Time: 1 p.m. Media representatives will be met outside the gates to the vessel HMS Carlskrona at 12.40 p.m.

For accreditation, please contact:
Ulrika Nasholm, Information Officer at the Swedish Royal Court, telephone: +46 8 402 6434, e-mail: ulrika.nasholm@royalcourt.se

Northern Coasts 2014

Thirteen nations (Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Turkey and the USA), 56 vessels and 2,800 personnel will participate in the naval exercise Northern Coasts 2014. The goal of Northern Coasts 2014 is for EU, Partnership for Peace (PfP) and NATO members to carry out naval exercises in narrow, shallow waters, with a focus on fighting techniques and tactics, and on commanding units. One challenge will be practising with a large military naval force in one of the Baltic’s busiest stretches of civilian waters.

Northern Coasts is being held for the eighth year in a row, and this year Finland is the host. Sweden had the honours in 2013. The practice area covers the Gulf of Bothnia, the northern Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland.

The exercise is divided into three phases. Phase 1 is a Pre-Sail Conference in Turku where the vessels gather for briefings and meetings before the exercise starts. Phase 2 takes place in the waters north of Åland where, for a period of one week, individual exercises in air defence, surface warfare combat and submarine combat will take place. Phase 3 is the tactical phase, where knowledge and experience from Phase 2 are applied and exercises are held in the area of the Gulf of Finland. The exercise takes place between 29 August and 11 September.