Presentation of the Official Wedding Series

The year of the Royal Wedding has begun. Already, parts of the profile that will form the visual expression in connection with the wedding of the Crown Princess and Mr. Daniel Westling have been exhibited. In different ways, the elements in the visual profile will characterise the event, communication, environments and much more, in connection with the Royal Wedding.

The visual main theme will consist of a pattern that originally comes from Drottningholm Palace. The original pattern was created in connection with the renovation of the Rikssal (National Hall) in 1846, which was initiated by King Oskar I and Queen Josefina. Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander designed the new furnishings including the pattern. The original pattern has now been refined to give a more stylish impression. In addition, the personal character is being strengthened by the addition of the crown of the Swedish Successor. The star is a variation of the North Star, which is a well-known national symbol.

To create an additional unified expression, a colour scale has been developed that emphasizes what is Swedish, royal, and also the beautiful early summer. White is also an established and natural symbol for weddings.

The Swedish early summer garden will be the starting point for the floral arrangements, where the most beautiful flowers that Sweden has to offer during this season will be in focus.

In connection with the Royal Wedding, a wedding seal for the Crown Princess and Mr. Daniel Westling have been established.

In order to further strengthen the unity in the national celebration, the Royal Court has approved a number of Swedish companies to develop products that will be included in the Official Wedding Series. The concept behind the Official Wedding Series is that it will do well for others. There is a long tradition in the Royal Family of being involved in charities for children and young people. A part of the revenue from product sales will go to the Crown Princess and Mr. Daniel Westling's Wedding Foundation. This will create possibilities for both producers and consumers to actively contribute to a good cause.

The Crown Princess and Mr. Daniel Westling would like their Wedding Foundation to support children and young people in Sweden. On the products there will be a text that clarifies the purpose of the Foundation.

All products that are included will be supplied with the official Wedding Series Seal. The following companies are approved suppliers:

  • Arvid Nordquist
  • Cloetta
  • Delicato
  • Ekelund
  • Frödinge Mejeri
  • Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik
  • Kiviks Musteri
  • Mema/GAB
  • Opto Design
  • Orrefors Kosta Boda
  • Reijmyre Glasbruk
  • Rörstrand
  • Skultuna
  • Svenskt Tenn
  • Upside
  • Weibulls
  • Åhléns