Media invitation in connection with the birth of Princess Madeleine and Mr. Christopher O'Neill's son

Members of the media are welcome to attend a press meeting at Danderyd Hospital today, Monday June 15 at 4.00pm.

The press meeting will be held in the auditorium at Danderyd Hospital. Entrance via the main entrance.

Press ID is required in order to access the auditorium.

Accreditation to:
Ingvor Farinotte, Press Manager, Danderyd Hospital
Phone: +46 70-162 1211
E-mail: ingvor.farinotte@ds.se

Christine Stanell, Communications Manager, Danderyd Hospital
Phone: +46 8-123 584 82
E-mail: christine.stanell@ds.se

Lovisa Ernestam, Strategic Communication, Danderyd Hospital
Phone: +46 8-123 561 82
E-mail: lovisa.ernestam@ds.se