King's birthday celebrated at the Royal Palace

The King's birthday, 30 April, will be celebrated in the customary manner in the Outer Courtyard.
11.25 -11.35 a .m. Marching and drill display by the Life Guards' Drill Section

11.40 Arrival of the Music Corps
11.45-11.48 The King will exit from the West Gate and approach and receive the Main Guard. The King will then proceed to the commandant-general's reception in the Main Guard wing.
11.48-12.15 The Music Corps will perform the main programme
12.00 Twenty-one gun salute from Skeppsholmen
12.20 The King will come out into the Courtyard
12.23-12.40 The incoming Main Guard will ride in, followed closely by the Band of the Life Guards.
Children will have the opportunity to present flowers to The King.

Afterwards the general public will have the opportunity to congratulate The King, who will be standing at the window of the Apartments of the Orders of Chivalry, accompanied by the Royal Family.