H.M. The King's birthday celebrated at the Royal Palace

On Thursday, 30 April, H.M. The King's birthday will be celebrated in the customary ceremonial style in the Outer Courtyard of the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

Outer Courtyard

11.25 The Swedish Armed Forces Music Corps will march in and perform a figurative programme.
11.45 H.M. The King will come through the West Gate, proceeding to meet and receive the Main Guard. The Armed Forces Music Corps will play a parade march. The King will then return to the West Gate for the Commandant-General's reception within the Palace.
11.48-12.15 The Armed Forces Music Corps will perform a programme.
12.00 Twenty-one gun salute from Skeppsholmen.
12.20 H.M. The King will come out into the Outer Courtyard from the West Gate.
12.23-12.40 The incoming Main Guard rides in, following behind the Life Guards' Dragoon Music Corps.
 Children will have the opportunity to present flowers to H.M. The King.
 Afterwards the general public will have the opportunity from the Outer Courtyard to congratulate His Majesty, who will be at the window of the Apartments of the Orders of Chivalry.
The Hall of State 
13.00-16.00 For those wishing to offer their congratulations to H.M. The King on the occasion of his birthday, lists for signing will be available in the Hall of State at 1.00-4.00 pm on 30 April.
 South Gate entrance.

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