Erik Norberg's report on Walther Sommerlath and Efim Wechsler complete

Former Director General of the Swedish National Archives Erik Norberg's report was published for the first time on 9 August, 2011. During the autumn, new facts that came to light during the investigation were added to the report.
Erik Norberg has now declared that the investigation is complete, within the framework of the existing source material. The source material that has been requested has now been added to the report.

Download the report, including the source material, here:
En undersökning - A reportPDF (56 Mb)

Erik Norberg, born 1942, PhD from Stockholm University with a thesis within the project Sweden during the Second World War. Military archivist and Head of the Military Archives of Sweden 1982-1991, Director General of the Swedish National Archives 1991-2003. Several UN assignments at UNIDO and UNESCO, as well as international engagements within the field of archives. Director of the Royal Academy of Military Sciences 2002-2006; Secretary of the Royal Academy of Literature from 2008. Publications within modern political and military history, as well as archives and record keeping. Erik Norberg also holds several positions, including Cabinet Chamberlain.