Decorative material for Crown Princess Couple's wedding

Decorative material featuring the visual profile that has been developed for the Crown Princess Couple's wedding is now on sale.
The material has been produced for those who wish to decorate their offices or their organisation with the patterns and colours that the Crown Princess and Mr Daniel Westling have themselves chosen for their wedding.

The material is available in Swedish and English and has been made to suit a broad range of settings. No setting is too small or too large.
The pattern in the visual profile originates from Drottningholm Palace. The original pattern evolved in connection with renovations to the Hall of State in 1846, which were initiated by King Oscar I and Queen Josefina. Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander was responsible for the design of the pattern.

The original pattern has been refined to give a more stylised impression. The personal quality of the Crown of Sweden's Heir Apparent has also been reinforced. The star is a variation on the Polar Star, which is a familiar national symbol.

The decorative material has its own website, www.dkb.firstsight.seexternal link, opens in new window (only in Swedish).

You can view images of the decorative material in various settings here in jpg format: