Choral tribute at Lejonbacken

The Swedish Choral Society will congratulate the Bridal Couple following their journey by the Royal Barge Vasaorden with a choral tribute at the foot of Lejonbacken.

Cecilia Rydinger Alin, the society's conductor, will lead a choir of almost 300 singers from nine choirs during the 16 minute programme.

The performing choirs include: Allmänna Sången (Uppsala), Erik Westerberg's Vocal Ensemble (Piteå), KFUM's Chamber Choir (Stockholm), La Cappella (Uppsala), Maria Magdalena Motett Choir (Stockholm), St. Johannes Chamber Choir (Stockholm), Stockholm Chamber Choir, Stockholm Student Singers and the Swedish Chamber Choir (Gothenburg).
The trumpet call, entrance music and concluding piece will be performed by the Army's Music Corps.
The programme will include:

  • Bridal March from Valbo, Gästrikland
  • Benny Andersson's "Duvemåla Pasture"
  • August Söderman's "Wish Song"
  • Evert Taube's "The Sea was Never so Shimmering"
  • Pontus Edling's "Summer Wedding"

Sweden's National Anthem will be sung by everyone before the concluding piece.