The Queen attends a conference on problems in connection with the ageing population

On Thursday 21 September, The Queen took part in the conference 'Living longer and healthier in an ageing world', which was held at the Nobel Forum in Solna.

'Living longer and healthier in an ageing world' was arranged by Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and the University of Tokyo.

Both Japan and Sweden face challenges relating to ageing populations. The four universities have all contributed towards research within the field of ageing. The conference brought together researchers from different disciplines to pave the way for future discoveries and deeper collaboration.

The Queen opened the conference, saying: "… by 2030, every fourth person in Sweden will be a senior – meaning 65 years or older. This is, in essence, a positive development… However, it also means that more and more people will be affected by dementia and other age-related conditions… We need to ensure that our society not only ages, but ages well." The Queen also spoke about the collaboration between researchers at the University of Tokyo and universities in Stockholm, and how this will lead to important work for the people of Japan and Sweden.

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The Queen gives the opening speech at the conference at the Nobel Forum in Solna. Photo: Yanan Li

In 2018, Sweden and Japan will celebrate 150 years of diplomatic relations. The anniversary will be marked with a number of activities in both Japan and Sweden. The 'Living longer and healthier in an ageing world'external link, opens in new window conference is part of this.