The King takes part in a seminar on young value-based leadership

The King took part in a digital seminar arranged by the Young Leadership Foundation.

The King took part in a digital seminar arranged by the Young Leadership Foundation. Photo: The Royal Court of Sweden

On Wednesday 2 June, The King took part in a digital seminar on the theme of value-based leadership, the power of trust, and opportunities in changing times.

This year's Compass Rose Scholarship recipients and 170 invited leaders took part in the seminar, which was arranged by the Scouts and the Young Leadership Foundation.

The day began with a speech from The King, in which he said:

"The Foundation's core values come from the Scout movement. The movement has been important to me, and has definitely formed my view of leadership.

"The Scouts' values have been summarised in the Foundation's key words: courage, consideration and energy."

Photo: Sara Friberg/The Royal Court of Sweden

The seminar, which was partly held at Börsen in Gothenburg, was arranged in partnership with the City of Gothenburg, Västra Götaland County Administrative Board, the University of Gothenburg and Region Västra Götaland.

"In times of worry and change, trust in expertise and institutions is reduced and questioned, and the responsibility of leaders to manage and share information and facts – in order to be able to lead and make sustainable, fact-based decisions and processes – becomes increasingly important," said Rebecca Sundberg, Operational Manager of The King's Young Leadership Foundation. "This year's theme therefore relates to how leaders and managers can best create the right conditions for leading amid change, with trust as a core value."

Three Compass Rose Scholarship recipients

This year's Compass Rose Scholarship recipients were recognised during the seminar. This year was the 15th time the scholarship has been awarded, with 48 recipients to date.

This year's scholarship recipients were:

Eleonora Svanberg (22), Girls in STEM, Stockholm
Eleonora is a 22-year-old mathematics and physics student from Stockholm who founded Girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Within the organisation, Eleonora fights to break down norms and to be a role model for young women and non-binary people within science and technology, where they are under-represented. Her goal is to change the current stereotypical image of education at both upper secondary and higher education levels.

The nomination was as follows: Eleonora Svanberg has received a scholarship for using value-based leadership, based on courage, humility and vulnerability, to act as a role model who challenges and changes norms to open up and include more groups within science subjects.

Emina Sesto (23), Uppsala Municipality, Uppsala
Emina is a 23-year-old social worker and operational manager for three homes for people with disabilities in Uppsala Municipality. She has quickly progressed from work experience to a management position in just a year. Today, Emina leads 30 employees at three residential homes. With a real desire for change and a great deal of consideration, she works to achieve a healthy workplace, a better everyday life for clients, and operational development.

The nomination was as follows: Emina Sesto has received a scholarship for using value-based leadership, based on courage, consideration and energy, to question structures and norms as she creates the right conditions for her colleagues to make a real difference.

Muna Idow (23), Mermaid Swimming School, Gothenburg

Twenty-three-year-old Muna runs Mermaid Swimming School. Using water as a tool – through swimming skills and play – she helps children and adults to improve their self-esteem and thus their security, freedom and belief in the future. Her vision is crystal clear: To contribute towards a better, more inclusive and safer society, and to give other children a better childhood than she herself had.

The nomination was as follows: Muna Idow has received a scholarship for using value-based leadership, based on consideration, energy, curiosity and equality, to build up participants' self-esteem and self-confidence through the exhilaration of exercise and movement in the water.

Due to the pandemic, the Compass Rose Scholarship will be presented by HM The King during a ceremony at the Royal Palace in autumn 2021.

Young Leadership

The Young Leadership Foundation External link, opens in new window. was a gift to The King on his 60th birthday, at the initiative of the Scouts. The foundation works to highlight young leaders with good value-based leadership skills. The foundation's values are based on the values of the Scout Movement, and courage, consideration and energy are central to good value-based leadership.

The Compass Rose Scholarship is awarded to young people who, regardless of their formal title, have demonstrated responsibility and involvement above and beyond the ordinary through their actions, and who can show that the scholarship can help them to continue developing good leadership. The King's Young Leadership Foundation operates the scholarship programme. The scholarship amount is 50,000 kronor per scholarship, to be used for personal leadership development.

Value-based leadership is a folk high school course which is arranged by the Scouts and the Scouts' Folk High School in cooperation with industry and other voluntary youth organisations, with the support of The King's Young Leadership Foundation.